15th April – High demand for appointments & cancellation of unwanted appointments

Dear Patients, we are continuing to experience high numbers of Klinik submissions and increasing volumes of calls to our telephones. We’d like to reassure you that our clinical staff look through all incoming Klinik forms and will contact patients based on clinical urgency. Please give our clinical triage team time to contact you before contacting

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Lifeboat Quay Medical Merger

The Patient Engagement Team at Dorset NHS have interviewed Dr Ben Oxley from the The Adam Practice alongside Dr Krishna Guduru from Lifeboat Quay, who talk about the up and coming merger happening on 2nd October.

Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre and Adam Practice Merger – Frequently Asked Questions – YouTube

Further FAQ videos can be found below:

What are some of the benefits of this merger to patients?  https://youtu.be/vpYnd5UFIOo

Will patients have to travel to different surgeries? https://youtu.be/oP3-t0FaoUI

Will patients need to reregister? https://youtu.be/91Hk2T6u6aY

Will opening times remain the same? https://youtu.be/cmRlQVX9OzQ

Will any of the current services be stopped? https://youtu.be/ORFbmeAh7wE

Will the merger affect any ongoing treatment or medication? https://youtu.be/laPWJyyxMvY


The patient drop-in session, Tuesday 12 September 2023

Any registered patients are welcome to come and meet the team for a cuppa and chat about the merger between our two practices, The Adam Practice and Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre.

This is being held on Tuesday 12 September 2023, between 13.30-15.30 in Hall 1 at The Spire, High Street, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1DF

Refreshments will be provided. We will be running some demonstrations of the Klinik system and how this helps both patients and the practice. GP Partners and staff from both practices, members of the Patient Participation Group and NHS Dorset will be on hand to discuss any worries or concerns you may have. It would be helpful for us to know numbers of attendees, just so we can cater accordingly.  If you would like to attend, please email [email protected] Further information and a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found here: The Adam Practice https://www.adampractice.co.uk/ Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre https://www.lifeboatquaymedicalcentre.nhs.uk/ We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

The Adam Practice and Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre, Merger August 2023



The Adam Practice and Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre will be merging on 1 October 2023.
We have been working closely together as practices for some time and over the coming months we will be looking to align in as many areas as possible.

This is an exciting project and one that will provide a great service to our patients and serve our local community well. However, we know that this sort of project also brings an element of uncertainty, we are hoping that this is the start of an open and regular communication process.

The Adam Practice currently operate from 4 sites in and around the Poole area, they are:

  • The Hamworthy Surgery, BH15 4JQ
  • Poole Surgery, BH15 2HX
  • Upton Surgery, BH16 5PW
  • Heath Cottage Surgery, BH16 6BG

Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre operate from a single site in Poole, BH15 1AE.
There are no plans to close any of these sites.

Inevitably there will be many queries and we have put together a set of frequently asked questions or FAQs which we hope will help. Please do let the project management team know if you have a question that is not answered below we will do our best to answer them although we may not always be in a position to give an answer straight away. We will however ensure the question is recorded so that we can communicate an answer when we are able.


Q Why has the decision been taken to merge?
There is recognition nationally that working at scale brings many benefits not least a more sustainable and resilient general practice. We have seen much NHS policy over the last couple of years bringing care closer to home, ultimately that means that much of the responsibility and extra workload will fall to general practice. We need to be able to take this on and make it work for us in the most effective and streamlined manner. A bigger organisation will be better able to absorb these challenges and be more resilient and robust as a business.

Will I still be able to go my usual practice for treatment and will I see the same
clinicians and staff?

It is expected that the majority of services currently being run at each of the sites will
remain. The benefit of merging is that both practices have additional services that
are not currently offered in both practices. Such as:

  1. Leg Ulcer Club
  2. Vasectomies
  3. Travel Health Clinic
  4. NHS Health Checks

This will mean patients will be able to access these services within the practice
without having to be referred elsewhere.
There are no plans for any redundancies.

Q Will I be expected to travel to other sites to see a doctor?
A We are expecting that most patients will be seen and treated at the sites they
currently use. One of the many benefits of the merger will be that we have more
robust and flexible cover available when staff are on annual or sick leave. Also
patients will have access to a range of clinicians with different skills and experiences.
If you have an urgent need to be seen you may well be offered appointments at a site
that you do not usually attend if this means you will be seen sooner. We would ask
patients to be flexible if they are able and have transport. Many appointments can
now be offered over the telephone and if this is possible you will be offered those if
you prefer. Ultimately if you would rather be seen and treated at a particular site
and this is clinically appropriate our staff will arrange that for you.

Q Will there be changes in the way I book my appointments?
The Adam Practice currently use an online clinical triage system called Klinik. You can
find further details here: https://klinikhealthcaresolutions.com/
This will be implemented in Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre, it will result in improved
access for patients and will ensure that all patients are treated based on clinical need
and directed to the most appropriate person to see and treat them. We know that
many people do not have online access. You will still be able to call the practice to
book an appointment and our staff will be using the system to get you booked in
appropriately. The benefit of this system is that if those who do have online access
use it, it frees up the phone lines for those who don’t, or for those who have a
complex issue and need to speak to a member of staff. As with all new things, it
takes a little while to get used to, but it has been running well in the Adam Practice
and the feedback from patients and staff is overwhelmingly positive. We will be
providing details of how patients at Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre can use this
system and when it will be operational. In the meantime, please continue to book
appointments in the usual way.

Q Will any of the services I currently access at my surgery be stopped?
A We are planning that all existing services will continue to run as they currently do,
there are no plans to stop any of the services that we offer. What the merge will
provide is access to a broader range of services for patients across the two practices.

Q Will I need to re-register to become a patient of the newly merged practice?
A There will be no need to re-register as all patients will be transferred over
automatically including their health records.

Will the merger affect any treatment or medication I am currently receiving either
at my usual surgery or the hospital?
A Any current treatment, medications or investigations will not be affected by the

Q Will there be any changes to the opening times of my surgery that I usually visit?
A We are not planning any changes to any of the sites opening times.
To keep up with any news or developments regarding the merger, please access the practice
websites here:
The Adam Practice: https://www.adampractice.co.uk/
Lifeboat Quay Medical Practice: https://www.lifeboatquaymedicalcentre.nhs.uk