Klinik – Patient feedback regarding sub-tiles

Dear Patients, We’ve had some feedback that some patients after selecting the ‘new’ or ‘existing’ health problems tiles, have found they cannot continue and believe that there is an issue with Klinik. However this isn’t the case, instead one of the 5 sub-tiles, shown below needs to be selected. We have fed this back to

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Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Clinical Commissioning Groups are NHS organisations which plan, manage and fund local services to meet the needs of their local population. They are led by local GP’s. They understand what services are needed because they are usually the first port of call for people when they have a health concern.

The Practice uses the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) formulary for prescribing of medicines, appliances and dressings. The formulary can be accessed here:
Dorset CCG – Pan Dorset Formulary

For more information on Dorset CCG visit the website Dorset CCG

If you are on Twitter follow Dorset CCG @DorsetCC