13th Feb – High Demands on Phonelines & for Appointments

We are experiencing high volumes of calls and long wait times on our phonelines. We ask patients to please use Klinik to contact us for all enquiries, if you have online access via your mobile phone or computer. A step by step guide is shown below. We also currently have high demands for appointments. If

Contact us online. Get help from your GP with our online consultation service.

Statement of Purpose

Statement of purpose Health and Social Care Act 2008

The Adam Practice aims to provide personalised high quality primary care treatment to our
patient population through consultations, examinations and treatment of medical conditions. We
will focus on prevention of disease by promoting healthy living. We will try to understand and
meet the needs of our patients, involve them in the decision making about their treatment and
care, and encourage them to participate fully. We will involve other professionals in the care of
our patients when it is in the patient’s best interests, i.e. referrals for specialist care and advice.