15th April – High demand for appointments & cancellation of unwanted appointments

Dear Patients, we are continuing to experience high numbers of Klinik submissions and increasing volumes of calls to our telephones. We’d like to reassure you that our clinical staff look through all incoming Klinik forms and will contact patients based on clinical urgency. Please give our clinical triage team time to contact you before contacting

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Our Clinics

Whooping Cough Vaccinations for Pregnant Women

There has been a large rise in the number of babies contracting whooping cough, the Department of Health has therefore recommended that pregnant women should be vaccinated against the disease in order to provide immunity for their baby when it is born. Women should be vaccinated when they are between 20 and 38 weeks pregnant.

The Adam Practice is now offering pregnant women pertussis (Whooping cough) vaccination in line with government policy.

If you are 20 weeks pregnant or more please contact your surgery to arrange a vaccination. If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant talk to your midwife next time you see them.

Self Assessment

The practice has developed the opportunity for patients to have more control over necessary checks. For example, for women on the oral contraceptive pill, an annual blood pressure check is necessary. It is possible, for patients who wish, to use an automatic blood pressure monitor in the building without having to arrange a doctor or nurse appointment – this gives flexibility to patients and relieves pressure on appointments.

It is the policy of the practice to pursue preventative medicine for all patients. All health care professionals advise on illness and disease prevention.

Long Term Conditions

Patients with Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, stroke/TIA, Mental Health and Chronic Kidney Disease should attend for regular check ups. For certain Long Term Conditions blood tests are necessary to check how well we are achieving optimum control and to see if medication adjustments are required. Blood tests need to be done at least annually but depend on the nature of the condition. You will be advised by letter when your check is due and if you will need to have a blood test prior to your appointment.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machine

This device is usually worn for approximately 8 hours, whilst undertaking your normal activities, to accurately determine your blood pressure. They are especially helpful if visits to the surgery provoke anxiety. You will be required to attend the surgery for fitting and then removal after 8 hours.

Psychology & Counselling

Is available following recommendation by your GP.

End of Life Care

The Practice adheres to the NHS Gold Standards Framework for end of life care. We will endeavour to ensure the wishes of an individual and immediate family are respected at all times. We encourage patients to discuss their hopes and wishes with their partner and immediate family and caring professionals as and when appropriate.


Is available at our surgeries for patients with diabetes and some chronic foot conditions.

Minor Surgery

Certain minor surgical problems, not requiring a general anaesthetic can be carried out at the surgery. Please see your doctor for assessment so that arrangements can be made.

Contraceptive Services

This is no longer offered by the doctors at the practice. Please visit Sexual Health Dorset to find out how to make an appointment.

Specialised Paediatric Clinic

This clinic is for more complex paediatric cases that can be managed in a local setting. The clinic aims to offer a timely and accessible service to enhance paediatric provision within our locality. Dr Charles Powell leads this clinic.


NHS information for patients referred to our Vasectomy clinic.