Why can’t I just book an appointment to see my GP?

Why can’t I just book an appointment to see my GP? This and its related question, “Why can’t I see a GP”, are clearly at the forefront of all of our minds at present and are often in the Press. We’d like to help address these valid questions by sharing some information and insights into

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As a practice we highly recommend that patients use the NHS App. Having the NHS App will help support you to access your health information without needing to contact the surgery directly.

The NHS App enables you to:

Airmid App

The Airmid App enables people to:

  • Communicate with clinicians without the need for a face to face appointments – use video and direct messaging
  • Full medical record access
  • Ability to add to own medical record
  • Integration with medical devices and wearables to feed data directly into your record e.g. Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Fingerprint Authentication
  • Set and receive appointment and medication reminders
  • Request medication
  • Find local health care organisations
  • Proxy access available for family members or carers to have access to other patient records where necessary
  • Use Airmid for your child as an online eRedbook