Changes to prescribing Over The Counter medicines

In-line with NHS England recommendations, NHS Dorset has asked GP teams to stop prescribing medicine and treatment for 35 minor conditions listed on this page. This allows GPs to focus on caring for people who have more complex needs. NHS Dorset wants people to have the confidence to look after themselves where they can. This

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Enhanced & Non-NHS Services

What is an Enhanced Service?

The new GMS / PMS Contract was introduced in April 2004. As part of the new Contract, GP Practices can opt to provide services over and above the essential/additional services normally provided to patients. These services are known as Enhanced Services and are delivered to a higher specified standard. By providing these services GPs help reduce the burden on secondary care (e.g. Hospitals) and expand the range of services to meet local need and improve convenience and choice for patients.

There are two types of enhanced service:

Directed Enhanced Service (DES) – NHS England must ensure that this service is provided for the population, e.g. child immunisation programme.

Local Enhanced Service (LES) – Locally developed services designed to meet local health needs.

Enhanced Services Provided by The Adam Practice

Directed Enhanced Services

  • Alcohol Screening
  • Dementia
  • Extended Hours Access
  • Infectious Diseases (e.g. influenza, pneumococcal, shingles)
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Minor Surgery (e.g. Injections of muscles, tendons and joints / Incisions and Excisions)
  • Patient Participation
  • Unplanned Admissions

Local Enhanced Services

  • Clinical Commissioning
  • Complex Leg Ulcers
  • Diabetes
  • Health Checks
  • Hosting Local Services (by a Third Party)
  • Minor Surgery (e.g. Nail bed ablation, Nexplanon implant and removal)
  • Phlebotomy (blood tests)
  • Prostate Cancer Follow Up
  • Vasectomies