Klinik – Patient feedback regarding sub-tiles

We’ve had some feedback that some patients after selecting the ‘new’ or ‘existing’ health problems tiles, have found they cannot continue and believe that there is an issue with Klinik. However this isn’t the case, instead one of the 5 sub-tiles, needs to be selected.

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King Edward VII’S Hospital – Military Grants, Subsidy & Pain Management Programme

Are you currently serving in the Military, a Veteran or a Military Spouse or Widow? You may benefit from support services from King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Military Grants – Up to 100% means-tested grants for eligible patients on NHS waiting lists for diagnostics or surgery.

Pain Management Programme – This programme is a free ten-day virtual programme run over nine months and delivered virtually on Zoom.

To apply go to https://www.kingedwardvii.co.uk/the-charity and complete the relevant online form or call 020 7467 3221. The hospital will then write to the GP for confirmation. For any grants, your application will then be reviewed by the committee and a decision will be made within 3 months of submission.

20% Military Discount – also available on hospital services.

For more information on eligibility and how to apply please visit the hospital’s website-